Nautical Lore – Modern | Oral narratives of modern seafaring watercraft with multihull pioneer Jim Brown

Oral narratives of modern seafaring watercraft, their concepts, creators and crews. This ongoing series of “capers” tells of epic voyages, castaway survivors, swashbuckling characters, family cruises, cultural setbacks, technical breakthroughs, racing triumphs, and the “seasteading” lifestyle. Revealed within these stories are many details of design, construction, operation and seamanship. Since World War Two, the emergence of truly modern, lightweight vessels – recreational and commercial, multihull and monohull, power and sail – constitutes a sea change in marine architecture that may well persist for generations to come. Because modern seafaring has advanced so fast, and yet history often neglects its oral heritage, now is the time for us to gather and share this legacy. See more at
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Nautical Lore – Modern | Oral narratives of modern seafaring watercraft with multihull pioneer Jim Brown


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May 25, 2017

39: BLIND SAILOR?  (Far from it)

Speaking by cell phone from the Island of Culebra, John Patterson tells of his life-long quest of seafaring, but he begins by designing and building his own boats.

Starting with childhood experiences on the water, John shares many nuggets of wisdom and attitude that have allowed him to accumulate the skills and Judgement needed to actually live, full time for the last 16 years and despite a daunting disability, the sailor's life.



May 18, 2017

THE 300-NUT CANOE (And Other Considerations)

This Caper takes us to a salvaged 57-foot catamaran, upside down and abandoned in the Caribbean last November, but recently discovered adrift off North Carolina, still habitable and salvageable. This is then compared to a small aluminum skiff drifting for months with crew aboard who are “returned “from the dead.”

Also, issues of demographic centralization and global sea level rise, are related to good times and bad luck. Tell us what you think.

May 11, 2017

Small Boat Fun in Cedar Key

In this capercast Jim shares about his trip to the yearly small boat gathering in Cedar Key, Florida.  He tells a couple great stories, along with some details about interesting developments in the boating marketplace.

He begins, however, with a fascinating report about a sailor who has (supposedly) crossed the Tasman Sea in a 17-foot Windrider trimaran.  (Can anyone help Jim confirm this)?

Listen in on the fun and information exchange that happens at boat gatherings such as this.  And also get inspired to be a part of it, if you're not already!

May 4, 2017


This is a "field" interview with the principals of Fast Forward Composites, in Bristol RI. These are the guys who are researching and building the Hybrid Wing and the latest "Italic T" hydrofoils, all coming together now in a 40' prototype catamaran, and bringing them together in a 53' catamaran yacht. I think of this technology as historically significant, perhaps the first complete example of the future's Hybrid Ship.